How can we stop hair loss ?

Does hair loss shampoo really helps hair loss ?

Many people have asked themselves if hair loss shampoo really works. Here is the answer for that;

People with hair loss problem should take appropriate actions to ensure that they control the problem and eventually solve it. Many people are not aware of many ways to take care of their hair and scalp. If one starts to observe signs of thinning hair, he/she should try to get more information about it so as to take good care of the hair. 
Shampoo is a cleaning agent that hold chemical detergent and works best in cleaning impurities from the hair. There are three types of shampoos that we can get in the market, they include; shampoo for dry hair, for normal hair, or for oily hair. Dry hair shampoo have oil as the prime component unlike in normal hair or oily hair shampoo. If one utilizes shampoo wrongly over a long period, it will lead to severe hair loss. 

All hair loss shampoos in the market claim to be the best, but many base their claims on unsubstantiated research and untruths so as to get a bigger market share. It is very important to read about the active ingredients and their concentration present in the shampoo. Some components work best at higher concentrations but are no effective at lower concentrations.

The main use of shampoos is to clean the hair hence those hair loss shampoo that are said to have lots of substances that promote hair growth are just to attract more customers and to make consumers appreciate the product. As a matter of fact, shampoos only have the capability to clean the hair and not to increase their growth. Nourishment of the hair is only triggered through the blood vessels into the hair hence anything else applied on the scalp cannot promote hair growth.

The other work of shampoos is to assist in treating scalp conditions like dandruff, itchy scalp and any other problems on it but they do not help develop the hair they only help prevent temporary hair loss caused by this conditions this is how to nioxin shampoo work 

If a person is suffering from hair loss then it might be caused by a regular shampoo that he/she uses. You should stop their use and really take a look at it. Some ingredients like sulfate used in making soaps, detergents and shampoos so as to help them remove oil and greases, this substance may remove some essential oils present in hair therefore regular use of such products may result in weekend hair follicles, itchy scalp and diseased hair. Some shampoos are available without sulfate therefore help in cleaning hair without stripping essential components like nutrients and oil from it so this shampoos are the best in helping against hair loss.

Hair loss shampoos may slow down thinning hair and help in the prevention of some types of hair loss but it is of crave importance to look at the overall cause of hair loss because some types of hair loss are hereditary or genetic and others can be reversed by change of diet and lifestyle as in the case of traction alopecia.